Johnston Sweepers rebrands as Bucher Municipal Ltd.

February 15, 2022

From mid 2020, Johnston Sweepers has been rebranded as Bucher, along with six other brands of municipal equipment suppliers owned by Bucher Industries.

Bucher, who has owned Johnston Sweepers for over 15 years, has made the decision to move to a single brand to demonstrate to the market the wide range and quality of products the company produces in the municipal sector.

Bucher Industries consists of five divisions, with an annual turn-over of around £2.6 billion. The company brands, which include Bucher Hydraulics, produce products which are used widely in municipal equipment and which are recognised as global market leaders.  Moving to a single brand for all the products in the hydraulics sector has helped the division to grow and has led to greater customer awareness of the wide product range the company’s hydraulics division has to offer.  By bringing all the sub brands under the single brand Bucher aims to emulate this business model throughout the organisation, demonstrating to customers the quality and standards which are consistent across the wider range of products it offers.

In Ireland, Westpark Motors represented the Johnston brand and have done for many years on the Sweeper side of things.

What does this mean for Irish customers?

Going forward, Westpark Motors will offer the full range of Bucher Municipal models to the Irish Market which includes Winter Equipment, Sewer & Drainage and the extended range of Sweepers.

Read the full article on the Bucher UK website.

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