Bucher Polyx

High-performance snow plough.
Single section snow plough with polyethene shield.

Single-section ploughs, with HD polyethylene shield and a high yield point steel structure.

The Polyethylene bolted to the structure is free from corrosion.
Thanks to a minor adhesion of snow on this material, it allows for a better snow evacuation and a reduction of the vehicle effort.

Suitable for the snow clearing of all kinds of urban and extra-urban roads, even with many obstacles. Engineered for any environmental condition, it can have rubber or steel scraping edges with a positive or negative angle of attack, depending on the snow conditions.

Key Specifications

  • Linear width from 1,4 m up to 6,2 m
  • Rotation angle from +30° to – 30°
  • Lateral oscillation +7° - 7°
  • Max attack angle of blade - 5° +15°

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